About the Designer

Born in Cali, Colombia, designer Melina Safady has always been inspired by the natural wonders of her surroundings. The lush and diverse landscapes of her native country are home to a thriving hummingbird population, with nearly 150 known species. As a child, Melina became captivated by these delicate, colorful birds that seemingly float midair then suddenly disappear from sight. Forever drawn to the nectar of native flora, hummingbirds display an upbeat spirit and a feminine grace. And that’s why Melina chose to pair the hummingbird with her name, as a symbol of her respect for the beauty nature brings into our lives.

The graphic design of the hummingbird featured in the logo reflects the Melina Safady aesthetic, which is architectural with clean lines. Each bag she designs evokes this strength with exotic animal skins and contemporary shapes, but is softened with romantic details and lush textures. The result is a bag for the modern woman—always bold and confident, yet lux and feminine, with a pop of color to make you smile.